I’ve begun writing a new book that I am entitling, The Teacher.  This book is a transformation story in which the protagonist “finds” his truth amidst great struggle and grief.  Now, I haven’t gotten very far, but to aid me in writing this latest addition to my body of literary work, I have begun using Victoria Lynn Schmidt‘s Book in a Month system.  I’ve gotten through all the preliminary work and wanted to share my writing goals that the book states are critical to the actual system, in addition to sharing the work that I completed within the “Goals” chapter.

The questions the book asks are in bold with my responses in normal font (I’m pretty stoked to be writing another book):

Book in a Month System

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about sharing the idea that we are all made of Divine Light.  This Divine Light separates humanity from all living things, even all of life radiates energy, only humanity can express this divine light through creativity.  That is, only humanity can extend beauty for its sake.  Nothing else on the planet can.

The trouble is that it sometimes feels like people seriously don’t know that they can use this Divine Light nor do they even seem to understand of what humanity is composed.  Spending time with the people I dub the “ShadowWalkers” has taught me that they simply have never really been introduced to the idea that they are made of this Divine Light.  I believe it’s my mission on this Earth to introduce people to Divine Light and to show that this DL can heal suffering in this stupid place..

What Keeps Me showing up again and again in my stories OR in the stories I read

What keeps me going when I’m reading is resonance.  That is, if a story feels like it’s heading for truth, I’ll keep reading. If not, I won’t.  it doesn’t have to be MY truth, but it does have to be consistent with its own sense of truth in its own cosmology.  Typically, I have to engage with the characters and actually sense a bit of myself in them, both in good and in bad ways.

What is important to you creatively?

Basically, I want to educate through what I hope is entertaining means.

Do you have a personal cause of agenda that defines me?

Recovery from Addiction (any type) is my cause.

What types of books do you enjoy? Music? Movies?

I enjoy non-fiction books that can increase my understanding of humanity, in terms of other forms of creative art, I enjoy anything that amazes me and makes me feel good about life.

What types of stories di you like as a child?

I’ve always enjoyed “hero’s journey” stories in which the hero has to overcome crap in order to achieve his or her “destiny.”

If you had to describe your work as a whole in a single lie, what would it be?

Tools that allow people to find the best version of themselves.

How would you like your work to be remembered?

I want my work to be remembered for helping the world be a better place.

What genre is best for your writing and interests?

I would have to say, Chicano Literature and/or whichever genre Carlos Castanda is (perhaps spiritual/metaphysical?)

What’s the One sentence pitch?

Books that can help people find the best within themselves and within the world.

What are your writing goals?

My writing goals are: 1) To write this book that I am tentatively calling, “The Teacher” by the end of the calendar year.  As a tool to assist me with this goal, I will utilize the “Book in a Month System” that I will begin on 9/12/2017.  My immediate goal will be to write 1,800 words a day for EACH of the next 30 days, ultimately, I want 50,000 words; 2) To also assist, I will write about my progress on my Blog and SHALL maintain a DAILY commitment to this work, regardless of what life hands me within the next 30 days.