Needing to change presents a crisis, we all can help — 2CEUs

The best definition of power I’ve ever come across is that power is a knowing and active participation in change. 

An ounce of prevention is worth a lot more than a pound — 2CEUs

Sitting in a court room to advocate on behalf of a client the other day, I was struck by how

Like it or not, today shapes tomorrow — 2CEUs

A few days ago, someone said to me in reference to her soon-to-be ex-husband, “I can’t believe I wasted the

The Good and the Strong and the Beautiful are the cure — 2CEUs

Perhaps, as someone shared with me, my approach to addiction/depression may work in “mild” cases, but probably wouldn’t work in

Rules for beating Depression PART II — 2CEUs

I live by five (5) rules that I believe provide emotional health: Do not harbor sinister designs Cultivate a wide