Study shows psychological, interpersonal effects of antidepressants have reached bizarre levels

This article reflects a big concern with antidepressants as a long-term treatment for depresion. Eye-opening.

Dr. Nicholas Jenner PsyD, MA

Over the last few posts, I have been advocating strongly a more holistic approach to mental health care. In this scenario, all of the resources available are considered in a multi-faceted game plan that best suits the patient. As we all know, this is not currently the case and might take a quantum change in thinking for this to happen. The folly of following a one dimensional method is highlighted in a new study on the psychological effects of taking anti-depressants over a long period. A researcher at the University of Liverpool has shown that :

” thoughts of suicide, sexual difficulties and emotional numbness as a result of anti-depressants may be more widespread than previously thought.”

In a survey of 1,829 people who had been prescribed anti-depressants, the researchers found large numbers of people – over half in some cases – reporting on psychological problems due to their medication…

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      1. I’d accept that premise.

        I know one doctor here in Australia who’s very anti-antidepressants (ha, didn’t know that would come out so cutely!) because he talks about seratonin levels in spinal fluid, or somesuch. I can’t agree with him, because I have experiential knowledge of the efficacy of the right antidepressant at the right time – but even I believe that depression and other mood disorders need a multidimensional treatment.


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