How do we create the change we want to see?

This was Saturday’s post and to me, it has a lot to offer…just wanted to give it another opportunity to be read…


I sit in meetings, all the time, where the topic focuses on making changes. Whether the meeting is about the requirements needed for building a software application or developing a treatment plan, the basic question is always the same: How do we create the change we want to see?

Complicated details flow back and forth in these meetings. But, the starting point should, in my experience and opinion, start from a much more basic place. Regardless of the context, if change is wanted, then understanding the “when” and “why” we behave the ways we do is the most crucial step in driving towards a goal. If we do not have a full grasp of our current situations, then we cannot proceed, as we will be attempting to move forward with our eyes closed.

All sorts of literature* has shown that self-monitoring is a crucial component of positive change. But, people…

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