Everybody is a Genius…

Here’s the thing: The power of all life is that, by nature, every living thing has everything it needs to grow and adapt to life’s ebbs and flows.  Look around, there’s life happening all the time without any one having to do anything.  Life has what it needs.

Now, it’s not easy for anything.  Each and every thing on Earth has to earn its keep.   However, the work is rewarded with more life.  Humanity is no different than any other life on Earth, with the exception that, not only do we have to earn our keep, but we also have to think about it.  It’s the thinking part of life that can get in our way.

See, we all have we what need to address the situations we face in our lives.  But all too often, we don’t think we do.  When things are bad, we do all we can to pray the bad things away and then find ourselves resentful when God-as-genie doesn’t make the bad things go away.  Or, if we want something, we pray to God-as-genie with the thought that God will give that something we want.  All too often, though, God-as-genie leaves us thinking that we are alone because we didn’t get what we want, even though we prayed for it.

But, really, God’s already given each of us what we need to face the circumstances of our lives.

One of Einstein’s famous quotes is, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”  I dig that quote because all too often, we put ourselves in situations for which we aren’t suited and then think that we are failures as people when we don’t find success.  Really, each day provides every single person scenarios that can teach lessons we need to learn.  We must learn those lessons; otherwise, we will find ourselves in similar situations over and over again until we figure it out.  Our lives are the message from God: We have what we need.

We all have hard times and we can overcome them with some reflective thought coupled with forward-looking action.  We can all achieve our goals in life, with a plan and forward-moving steps towards the goal.  God has given all of us the tools we need to both overcome the hard times and achieve the goals we set for our lives.  But it’s up to us to use the tools that we have within the situations for which we are suited.


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