Expressing emotion can heal

There are days when, even if the sun burns bright, I can’t get myself into a functional state. No matter how much coffee I drink, I feel like I’m still floating around my waking life on a dream-cloud.

But in those foggy mornings, I experience an openness to raw emotion that I sometimes don’t access as well when I’m fully alert or focused on the day’s tasks. In my book, Journey to Aztlan, I talk about learning to use that raw emotion instead of stifling it. When I was young, I did all I could not feel it and pretend it didn’t exist. The thing was, that exposed raw emotion arose in me and in time, it became a dark force that drew me into my own darkness.

In time, I’ve learned that the energy of that raw emotion can be useful and can drive creativity instead of darkness. I’ve learned that if I write or just play my guitar, the energy of raw emotion flows and pours and becomes something instead of destroying the potential of a good mood.

I don’t judge the flow; I let it do what it has to do without regard to time or space. I let it be and in letting it be, I experience a connection to an unseen force that soothes whatever bad juju I hold inside.

It’s hard to express that connection and it’s not easy to capture the expression, either in words or pictures or video. Though it’s hard, I do what I can to show the energy in its unbridled flow state in an attempt to depict the power of allowing that raw emotion to flow.

I teach quite a bit about this expression and how it can heal. I hope in time that people hear me and learn that they have the same capability to connect with their true nature and stop any suffering in its tracks. Some Cool Noise in F is a simple attempt to show the flow in action….


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