The Stages of Addiction in infograph form

As a reminder, I wanted to share the stages of addiction as an “infographic” in hopes that it’s shared and becomes a useful learning tool…




    1. I only half agree with you: No, Addiction isn’t black and white; however, there is a measurable progression and mechanics of substance use to substance abuse to addiction. The stages are meant to provide a guideline and the continuum is a dynamic process.

      Addiction is a measurable disease, but the substance and culture of the addict does differentiate addiction. So, thank you for calling attention to the process!


  1. These stages help make sense of the continuum of use toward addiction. As adults who are concerned and care about young-adult users, we often wonder – is this just a phase or is it becoming a problem. By the time you wonder if it’s a problem, it usually is. I always say, trust your parental intuition. My “mom radar” unfortunately never fails. MM


  2. Great thought process, but I do not agree with your perceived stages. Their is a significant difference between dependence, and addiction, which these stages do not address. Your first two stages outline “acceptable cultural use” , and your last two stages combine dependence and addiction. It seems a model more like the “stages of change” would be more effective and accurate, as well as taking your last two stages and elaborating on them possibly creating four distinct stages.


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