Three cool and important things on the way

I have a ton of ideas buzzing in my head all the time. Some ideas become realities, while others simply buzz off. These days, I’m working on a few things that will soon come to fruition and hopefully serve the purpose for which I envisioned and I’d like to share those things with anybody who’s curious. So, without further ado [drum roll…]:

  1. Video presenting the mind of an addict: This video will serve two (2) purposes: 1) To provide a glimpse into the ambivalence and confusion that most addict carry with them on a day to day basis. I’ll accomplish providing this glimpse through reading “An Open Letter from an Addict to His Loved Ones,” which is the prologue to my forthcoming Kindle eBook: 49 Tips & Insights for Understanding Addiction; and, 2) To present a set of questions for reflection that will amount to two (2) free Ethics/Diversity continuing education units (CEUs)
  2. Video discussing the ways that opiates work: Their chemistry/pharmacology, impact on the body, and various treatment perspectives. This video will also contain questions for CEUs.
  3. 49 Tips & Insights for Understanding Addiction: My new Kindle eBook will provide various tips on the inner workings of Addiction and is intended for anyone who’s been impacted by Addiction or who simply wants to learn more about this insidious disease. The tone of the book is conversational and should be accessible to both clinicians and non-clinicians.

Of course, while I’m finishing these projects, I’ll continue to blog about things that enter my head and need to get into print. And as always, if anyone has any ideas for future posts or questions about Addiction, substance abuse, or music therapy, please let me know at


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