Still need your help: There’s still time to respond to the Substance Abuse & Addiction Perception Survey

There’s just a few days left until I stop running my Substance Abuse & Addiction Perception Survey and I’m a little over half-way to the goal of one hundred (100) responses (fifty-four (54) have responded to date). I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to respond to the survey. I really do appreciate it!

You see, the more I talk with people and the more I teach, the more I want to know and learn about substance abuse and addiction. There are a lot of myths and dogmas associated with treating these disorders and in general, I’m all about “by any means necessary.” If twelve (12) step programs work for you, then advocate for them all you’d like; if SMART Recovery is your thing, cool beans. If you really believe in MRT and other CBT modalities, then by all means use them.

However, I’d really like to understand on a general level what it is people think about certain substances and treatment such that I can adapt any of my programs to account for the information I’m collecting through this survey. I am going to use the information, so you can rest assured that your responses will go to good use.

Also, I’ve been asked for results and I can assure everyone that once I’ve gathered the data into some presentable and understandable media, I will make it available to anyone and everyone who would like to review and use it.

So, without further ado…here’s the survey, again (please note that though the survey appears to be filled out, those are just starter responses):


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