49 Tips & Insights for Understanding Addiction is one major leap closer to reality


I received the cover proof for my new eBook, 49 Tips & Insights for Understanding Addiction, late yesterday afternoon. As you can see, it’s really no less than a stunning work of art. The designer’s name is Eric Griego and really, he and his team are the best in the graphic design business. Check his firm out here: www.firestikstudio.com. They’re based in Santa Fe; the work they produce is beyond awesome and I am honored and blessed that Eric and his team created such a breathtaking and inviting cover.

Now that I’ve approved the cover, I have to say that I am thrilled that 49 Tips & Insights for Understanding Addiction is getting close to its release. The coolest thing about both the cover and the book is that they represent the best of human capability and, combined, should get the book into the public’s hands. Once there, I know the book will provide educational background for anyone who wants to understand, both the mechanics of addiction, and also ways that may disrupt its power.

For example, the first five (5) Tips & Insights are:

  • Tip & Insight #1: Understand that Addiction is a disease
  • Tip & Insight #2: Addiction occurs in stages
  • Tip & Insight #3: Substance Abuse is indicated by a spectrum that leads to Addiction
  • Tip & Insight #4: We are all connected
  • Tip and Insight #5: Labels like “Addict” or “Alcoholic” can be Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

In reading and digesting the Tips & Insights, the reader will challenge his or her own notions of Addiction and, I believe, come to a deeper understanding that will lead to a place of compassion for anyone struggling with an Addiction.

I’m targeting September 16th as 49 Tips & Insights for Understanding Addiction’s release date. Things are definitely on track and have taken a huge leap towards the release. As I said, at first, I will release it as a Kindle eBook and if it finds its “legs,” I hope to use sales as a funding source to release it into print format. May God guide its journey.



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