One more week: Please respond to the Substance Abuse & Addiction Perception Survey

Ran this on Saturday and wanted to get it out now that we’re all back to the workweek, in case anyone missed it….The data respondents have provided will be used to build better treatment and education programs…thank you for your responses!

Though I had originally intended to run the Substance Abuse & Addiction Perception Survey until August 30th, I also hoped to gather 100 responses.  To date, I’ve only gathered 59.  The fact is that with a minimum of 100 responses, the data can not only be easier to report and understand, but will also be more meaningful, as a larger number of responses may provide a clearer picture of what the responses indicate.  I’m going to keep the survey open for one more week….please respond to the survey and SHARE….in doing so, you will be joining the fight against substance abuse & addiction…

NOTE: The items are NOT preselected, the selections are just a starting place…PLEASE REMEMBER TO CLICK “SUBMIT” SO THAT YOUR RESPONSES WILL BE RECORDED

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