The Stages of Recovery in Infograph form

Over the last several weeks, I have been going through notes and various case studies and I believe I have found the stages a person goes through during recovery and wanted to share them in infograph form.  Please provide any feedback as you can….

Stages of Recovery



    1. Greetings Juan,

      I am 5 days shy of 1 month of not smoking. As I look at your Stages of Recovery Infogram, you are exactly correct in the stages I went through with my, let’s see, 4th or 5th attempt to quit smoking. All the other times, I missed part of stage 2 and part of stage 3. This time, I hit both stages completely. It hasn’t been a bad experience – in fact it has been a very positive one.

      I am the director of the Learning Center at the Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center in Minneapolis, MN The Learning Center is an alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention program – this was one of my reasons for needing to live ‘substance’ free, the other was for my grandsons.

      Would it be possible to use your Stages of Recovery Infogram in one of our Fact Sheets? We would give full credit to you and add this website address on the fact sheet.

      Thank you for the Infogram and making the Stages so clear.

      Jo Lightfeather


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