Why doesn’t anyone seem to care about Addiction and Recovery?

Boy, it’s been easy to rail at the masses of people who simply do not seem to care one bit about Addiction. I say this based upon my own perceptions. You see, I’ve been writing this blog for well over a year and, while I do have a steady flow of traffic that I appreciate immensely, I expected a whole lot more. Really, I thought that once word got out about a blog that provides useful information about Addiction (and Recovery), I would have a huge slew of readers that commented and asked questions and sought help with Addiction-facing issues. But that just hasn’t happened.

I’ve even written a book that, really, provides a strong set of writings that if people read and reflected upon, would go a long way towards fighting an addiction (if you’re the least bit curious, you can check it out by clicking here). But again, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to get traction and its proverbial legs. I say this because it’s been available for well over three (3) weeks and I’ve sold ONE copy. One. That’s it.

Now, I know it’s ALWAYS up to the author to sell a book and I admit that I just don’t get out and support my books enough. That’s one of the main reasons my publisher lost interest in my work: They figured I just didn’t want to support my books. In fairness, though, that’s not entirely true. I did support Butterfly Warrior, but it just didn’t sell. There were weeks when I’d be out three (3) or five (5) nights doing readings to a bunch of empty chairs. And, when they would sell, my share of the gross was less than a buck. So, really, it didn’t seem fair: I did all the work, but the publisher took the lion’s share of the proceeds. Call me lazy or a bad sport, but if I’m going to do all the work, then I should get at least half of sales revenue. So, a small percentage of zero seemed a bit better.

I write this blog because I think it’s a great resource. Though I am biased, there are several strong posts than really can provide insight into the inner workings of the Addiction world. But, I can’t help but wonder why more people don’t visit. The only thing I can deduce is that I’m not advertising or getting the word out enough. Really, outreach is critical and I just don’t do enough. What I write isn’t going to help anyone if nobody knows about it.

I’ll continue to write because when I don’t, I just don’t feel right. I’ll continue to put effort into this writing life of mine because it fulfills my basic need to express. But, dang, some revenue would sure be nice….



  1. Hi Juan. Ive been feeling the same way lately. Having a fantastic tool that helps the patients and the doctors and doesn’t cost anything to implement, yet is often ignored by the medical community. LinkedIn seems more and more like a waste of time.


    1. It all seems to come down to marketing and luck: It seems like being there to receive a lightening strike is the key. Doctors are a bit different: They’re tied to big pharma and the DEA and really don’t want to stick their necks out…

      As for Linkedin, i guess it depends on your expectations. Most everyone is about self interest and use social media outlets for their own purpose. I think all social networks have a place, but really aren’t all that useful…


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