Graffiti can be a lot of fun…


I tend to dig graffiti. On one my running routes, I’ve been passing this spray-painted message, “She knows” for the last few weeks. It’s been bugging me because I neither know who “she” is nor do I have any clue what she “knows.” Someone, though, wanted everyone who crossed this patch of sidewalk that she knows something.

Could it be that Johnny’s girlfriend, Ana, knows that Johnny has been hooking up with Brandy? Maybe Ana furtively went through Johnny’s phone and learned the truth that Johnny is a dirt-bag who cheats and thinks no one’s the wiser. Brandy probably doesn’t even know that Johnny has Ana – he probably told her that he’s single and unattached. Poor clueless Brandy probably thinks she’s found a winner. But, nope Ana knows that Johnny’s a two-timer and is about to expose him for what he is and spray-painted the sidewalk as a warning…

Could it be that a new mother held her baby and knows that for the rest of the baby’s life, the mother will take care of the baby and protect her form all possible harm that she could? Maybe the new father was worried that the mother wouldn’t care for the baby and was compelled to share his relief that the mother does in fact know that she’s up to the task, after all…

Or maybe someone hides vodka in his toilet tank and thinks everyone around him has no idea of his tendency to go to the bathroom way too much. People around him think he either is severely constipated or bulimic, but they have no idea he drinks his hidden vodka every change he gets. Maybe his brother is trying to clue the furtive drinker in that their mother knows about the alcohol and he’s trying to give a brotherly heads-up…

Or maybe I have an overactive imagination and it’s just simple graffiti. THat’s probably closest to the truth, but I still tend to dig graffiti – there’s just so much potential in the words, “She Knows.” Regardless of who she is, that she’s female makes her smarter than me and it’s probably true that she “knows” whatever it is…


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