Does writing on my blog make me seem like a radical lunatic?

The other night, I was complaining to a friend how I wasn’t even considered for a particular job. I indignantly sprouted vitriol at those who were hiring; so much so that as I ranted, my wife could only shake her head.

When I finally concluded my griping, my friend said, quite simply, “Maybe they read your blog and figure you might come unglued at any moment?”

Hmmm, I thought to myself. I had never considered that what I write may be used against me. But, a lot of times, I write things that may come off as radical. I can understand that I’ve sometimes posted things that make me look like a proverbial loose cannon. Though I know that I seem to have a split-personality (professionally, that is), I never thought that a prospective employer or client may read my blog and think that I wouldn’t be good for a particular gig.

For example, I’ve applied for leadership gigs in IT. Perhaps a hiring manager for one of those gigs googled me, found my blog, and thought that they either had the wrong guy or that I have no background in IT leadership because of all the addiction treatment writing that I do. Or maybe one of my posts about the state of my city makes people who read them think that I’m some kind of radical. Well, all I can say to anyone who looks me up and gets confused is, oh well.

I decided, many years ago, that I would use my ability to write to teach about the inner workings of both addiction and its myriad of treatment options. But, from time to time, I like to write poetry and an occasional short story as a way to entertain myself and break up some of the challenges that emerge from working with people carrying an addiction. Every so often, I’ll even write stuff about project management and leadership, as I’ve been formally trained in both.

The bottom line when it comes to my blog is that I do it as a way to both teach and express that which I feel compelled to express. I am passionate about social justice and I see Addiction as a tool in maintaining oppressive social structures. I believe that if I can lessen Addiction’s impact, perhaps I’ll leave this world a better place than I found it. If the ideas and beliefs that I express make me appear to be a radical, then so be it.

I write, therefore, I am. It’s really that simple for me. My writing is meant to teach and to entertain as much as possible. If anyone can possibly deduce that I could become unglued at any moment because of what he or she reads on my blog, then I suppose I shouldn’t work for them. Those who “get it” tend to understand my approach and harbor no adverse sentiments towards me. Those who don’t “get it” see me as a raving lunatic. I write, therefore, I am and anything else is out of my control.



  1. To keep it short bu to the point…. you are the generations hybrid product… money is everything… and last there are 100os like you now and millions coming into play shortly.. what do these people think that we are supposed to be normal with what we have witnessed or have learned throughout life.. we the curious and nosey who have a niche and outstanding awareness…. moreover I would rather die on my feet then live a life of mental slavery —population control is what I call it. I couldn’t live with myself if my children grew into adults and found out that their dad or mom didn’t speak up to injustices… negative.

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  2. That would be really weird if they were using your blog as an excuse not to hire you. The IT world tends to be very liberal and understands that what you do on your free time is no one’s business as long as you know how to do your work. Maybe it was for the best. Find a better IT company.


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