Scientific advances have revolutionized our understanding of addiction as a disease and not a moral failure.

I wanted to share a fact sheet from the National Institute on Drug Abuse that I think is both interesting and important. Two (2) key takeaways from the sheet, at least from my perspective are:

Addiction is recognized as a treatable disease, requiring continuing care and multifaceted approaches—similar to other chronic conditions like diabetes, or cardiovascular disease. And like other diseases,  treatment for drug abuse and addiction not only saves lives, but is cost effective, with a 7:1 return on cost. Treatment includes use of medications, now available for nicotine, alcohol, and opioid addiction, along with behavioral treatments, a mainstay for these and other addictions for which medications have not yet been approved.

Pharmacogenomics—or understanding how variations in an individual’s genome affect his or her response to a medication—will advance sufficiently to allow physicians to individualize patient treatment for maximum efficacy and minimal adverse effects.

So, please check out the fact sheet here: DrugAbuseandAddiction(NIDA) and share it as needed….it can and should change your perspective about drug and alcohol abuse….


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