Addiction and Mediocrity are the result of ignoring our divinity.

I believe with all that I am that humanity should be the ultimate expression of the divine. But, instead of seeking ways along our own paths to harness and express that divinity, we either trample it under the crushing weight of mediocrity, or we outright destroy it through Addiction. I might be generalizing a bit. There are those who seek excellence in what they do and aren’t addicted to anything. However, this world is turning into a celebration of dimwitted idiots who have nothing to offer anyone other than their own selfish appetites.

To me, seeking to whet a selfish appetite is at the core of both mediocrity and Addiction. If you want proof, open your Facebook feed and count the number of times someone posts something that amounts to little more than some form of masturbation. In any given Facebook session, I’m sure someone in a given person’s feed will post about how the great thing he or she did and people will respond with comments like, “You’re such a great person/friend/example.” These comments do nothing bit jack off an ego and create a bigger narcissism.

Now, I think social media has its place. It can be a great forum to connect with various resources. But when people use it as a way to make their own reflection more beautiful to themselves, then it’s nothing more than deadly porn. Add in the compulsion to check one’s number of “likes” and comments, it’s really easy to see that Addiction has rich and fertile soil from which it can emerge and destroy people.

Rather than seek to fulfill our own selfish bullshit, we should wake up and recognize that we are divine and that divinity is a responsibility that must be cherished and shared in God’s glory. This doesn’t mean putting some religious crap on Facebook; it means that we should seek to apply our divine gifts towards the expansion of love and peace not give up on one’s divinity.

Mediocrity is the result if giving up our divinity. When we stop recognizing that we are God’s image, we allow ourselves to fall into rote lives that are pretty much the same routine over and over again. We stop being creative and innovative in our work and accept our life sentences. Soon, the boredom overwhelms us and they turn to alcohol, drugs, gambling and/or anything else to provide a spark and something of interest for our selfish appetite for amusement or sensory numbing.

Well, I challenge everyone to reconnect with that divinity and express it as stewards of God’ creation.   If we do not, we will collapse under the weight of our own ego and succumb to either mediocrity and/or Addiction.


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