Funding is necessary to keep costs low

There isn’t a domain in which funding isn’t important. But it seems that, both in providing treatment and continuing education, there’s an even stronger need to find resources through which my endeavors can continue. The problem for me is that I’ve always felt crass in asking for funding. I guess I’m just not much of a capitalist. If I were, I believe I could monetize my skills and trainings into a profitable (or at least sustainable) enterprise.

For example, I conduct workshops that cost no less than $1,000 to produce. By the time I’ve I included venue charges, outreach, and workshop materials, the cost may even exceed $1,000 for a six-hour session. While some of my workshops are well attended, many actually lose money. The cost for a six-hour workshop in ethics is $125 per attendee. Therefore, I need 8 attendees just to break even. Seems like it should be easy to get those 8 people to attend, but it isn’t. I don’t want to charge more, as then I’d get even a lower response.

One of the ways that I’ve tried to keep costs down is to solicit sponsors for these workshops. When I have gotten sponsors, I can charge less than the $125. Now, my workshops deliver the learning objectives, evidenced by the evaluations I receive. I am certain that the product is strong, but the costs can be prohibitive.

My blog isn’t exactly the most read website in the world, but I do believe that much of what I write and share is helpful to people. I’ll even provide free continuing education to anyone who reads a post (or set of posts) and provides thoughtful responses to the questions listed in the “About this Blog” page. Yes, FREE. It does take my time to review the questions and issue the continuing education certificate, but I don’t charge for my time.

So, because I do want to keep costs as low as possible and even free, I have added a new feature to my blog. It’s a “Donate” button within the sidebar. My hopes are that if readers or sponsors want to provide some funding, then it will go a long way towards assisting to deliver the high-quality workshops and educational materials that can be used in the fight against Addiction.

If anyone who reads this blog would like to help in “keeping the lights on,” please donate as the spirit moves you. Though I think it may be crass, at this point in my career, fundraising is more than important, it’s necessary to continue.


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