What is the BRENDA treatment model?

I’ve heard a lot of discussion about the BRENDA model and thought I’d share this post again. I’ll be doing a follow-up in the near future.


I’ve been tracking down information about the BRENDA substance abuse treatment model over the last few weeks.  The questions for which I’ve been seeking answers are: 1) What is the BRENDA treatment model; and, 2) Does it work as well or better than other treatment models?  I wanted to learn about this model because I had run into the term in a few places, but none of them really described what it is.  So, it sounded like it may be helpful; I decided to dig up as much as I could….

First of all, it turns out that BRENDA isn’t some all-knowing doctor that figured out some really awesome new way to treat substance abuse.  Since I’ve always seen the word, “BRENDA” in all CAPS, I figured it had to be something other than a single person.  But, I always leave all avenues of exploration open when I start studying…

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