when we lose love — a poem about overdosing

I wrote this poem after visiting a friend who had overdosed on heroin while he was in the hospital.  He would be confined to a wheel chair for the rest f his life and couldn’t really speak anymore.  But, when he saw me, he recognized me.  I wish him and all those suffering with an Addiction nothing but light and love.  Peace.

When we lose love…do we find it?

There was a time I searched and hoped to find that lost love in the blue note: a single note composed of other overtones…

Instead I found a set of shadows that look at life through knife-edge eyes; ready to cut – not you or me

But at their own wants or needs

They don’t see that how we live


how we die

And those shadows don’t die with their boots on…no…

They die among the trash in back-alleys with needles dangling out their arms or breathe their days out tubes, stuck in wheelchairs unable to move

They can’t form words; theirs is a guttural vocabulary with a blink thrown in as a yes or two for no.

“You remember me, que no?”

blink, blink

When we lose love…do we find it?


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