Heroin may very well be the Devil’s Drug

I used to think that substances of abuse were neither good nor evil. Really. I used to think that substances like alcohol or heroin were largely neutral, in and of themselves. However, I’ve experienced far too many situations that have now changed my perspective on substances.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think that any inanimate object has a soul that could possibly indicate it’s “goodness” or “evilness.” It’s not like I think a gram of heroin is anything other than a gram of heroin. However, it’s also not like a person can walk into a church of any denomination (except perhaps Satanism, but more on that later) and ask for a gram of heroin to go with the service. Really, the only way to get heroin is to know someone who knows some pretty gnarly people who can get a gram of heroin. Those people who manufacture and distribute heroin aren’t doing anything “good.” While heroin is a derivative of morphine, which has medicinal value and purpose, and while I do get that those who use heroin are usually in some type of physical and emotional pain, there is nothing good about the culture of the heroin addict.

I’ve heard heroin referred to as “The Devil’s Drug” so many times that I can’t help but think that heroin is somehow attached to evil. I recall one session with a young man, probably in his late twenties, who appeared to be in his late fifties and had no desire to do anything but use heroin until his death. The courts forced him into treatment, but his soul was not his; if it was, he may have still wanted to get clean and sober. But in talking with him, I became certain that his words were not his own, rather, they emerged from a place that isn’t human.

Furthermore, history’s most famous Satanist, Aleister Crowley, died from a heroin overdose. He was addicted to heroin for over twenty (20) years and absolutely loved it and considered it a path to communicate with Satan’s legions. He documented his love affair with heroin (and cocaine) is his autobiographical book called, Diary of a Drug Fiend. I’ve only gotten through a third of the book and I’ve been reading it for almost three (3) months. Simply exposing myself to his thoughts has left me nervous and anxious and I have no doubt that his love for evil and for Satan was both reinforced and enhanced through his use of heroin. Really, the core belief that Mr. Crowley taught his followers was that people should, “Do as they Will” at all costs. Clinically, I have learned and taught that Addiction to substances reduces a person to a single point of focus and motivation and that person “does as he or she Will” to get the substance.

So, I’ve come to think that the relationship between Evil and substances like cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, and even alcohol or tools of Evil that can hook and dominate souls into a life of Hell. There is nothing neutral about substances of abuse and I do not see anything good about them. I have come to see only Evil associated with substances and the fight against them is not only fought in the physical world, but in the spiritual as well.

People who abuse and are addicted to substances are not evil. However, in living for their fix, those people do become caught in a whirlpool of Evil that they don’t often understand. If you don’t believe me, google the story about the Vanderbilt rape case: A young woman was unconscious due to alcohol and three men violently raped her. All of the men were beyond drunk and high and most don’t even remember what happened. Really, no one involved remembers anything, but the idiots were taking pictures and video of the assault.

In reading their testimony, I believed them when they said they would never do something like that if they weren’t on drugs and alcohol. But Evil enveloped their soul and guided their actions. They probably are “good” boys who will now spend a big chunk of their lives in prison. Prison is Hell. Through alcohol and whatever else they were on, Evil earned more souls.

So, substances of abuse may not appear to be Evil, but they sure do allow it into this world…



      1. Very well written, I agree with all you have said…
        Sadly the late actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman, fearing for his life due to alcohol and drug abuse, admitted himself into rehab at the young age of 22. Several years later, at the age of 46, he was found dead on Super Bowl Sunday, February 2, 2014 in a Manhattan apartment with a syringe still stuck in his arm. Hopefully the actor who won an Oscar will not be remembered for his untimely drug overdose death but for his wonderful work.

        It is an evil drug, you become a puppet on a string your life transformed for the worse, chained and bound a prisoner only motivated by your next fix, tormented daily, the suffering is unbearable, an addicts life, everything they never wanted to be!!!


  1. Just to play devil’s advocate (as it were) William Stewart Halstead, esteemed surgeon and one of the founding fathers of Johns Hopkins, was a lifelong addict and used morphine until his death. Not defending use of the drug, but I think pointing out another historic figure who’s use was notorious is an important part of the discussion.


    1. Herion dealers should be punished to the full extent of the law and even the death pen. They are destroying America for profits and could care less about anyone. If we set an example like the president in the phillipenes is doing change will happen and get good people that are hooked on this Devils drug the help they need. We cannot just stand by and let this happen, there comes a point when society has had enough and is willing to fight back to change for the good of this country


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