I’ve been down to the crossroads and…

I’ve been at a crossroads so often in my life that the Devil is starting to ask me for a deal. Although I have often taught that life presents people with circumstances from which they need to learn a specific lesson, I didn’t seem to apply that information within my own life. It occurred to me this morning as I drove the long commute to my office that my career can be summed up in two (2) songs: 1) Crossroads by Eric Clapton; and, 2) Should I Stay or Should I Go by the Clash. You see, I’ve been faced with more career decisions than I can count and it seems like I always have an equal amount of pros and cons regardless of which road I choose.

The thing is, this tendency towards facing a crossroad in my career path has now spilled into some aspects of my personal life. For years now, I’ve wanted to learn how to really write a one act play. There’s a local contest that a local theater produces called Benchwarmers. The contest is an opportunity for local writers to have a short one act play produced within the Benchwarmers collection. It’s a cool production; the majority of the plays selected are really good. This contest has occurred every year for the last fifteen years and I’ve submitted a play five of those years. Needless to say, I haven’t had anything included in the actual production.

Therefore, I’ve wanted to learn some skills around writing a play. Two years ago, I even went so far as to ask the contact person at the theater if there was anything I could do to learn the craft of playwriting. At the time, she couldn’t really suggest anything, but lo and behold, this year, the playhouse is sponsoring a workshop about writing one act plays! When I first learned of the workshop, I was excited and reserved my spot. But as the date has drawn closer, my apathy and indecision tendencies have reared their dumb heads. I couldn’t decide whether I should go: faced with the choice, I could see reasons why I should and I could see reasons why I shouldn’t.

Well, I’m going to attend the workshop. I figure that I don’t have much to lose and even if my submission this year isn’t selected, at least I’ll know that I did all I can to learn how to put my best work forward. Plus, I am also heading into the workshop from a clinical perspective as well. I’ve used a tool from Theater of the Oppressed within group therapy sessions quite a bit. I ask for 2 to 3 volunteers and then I assign them “roles” and give them an objective, usually about either giving up a substance or continuing to use a substance and then allow them to improvise the scene in front of the group. The idea is to verbalize ideas for recovery that they may not otherwise have been able to on their own.

So – now that I know I’m attending, I will seek to accomplish my objectives and use the information I receive. At least I know which path I’ll take at this particular crossroad….


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