I was way ahead of my time when it comes to NanoBots


While perusing the internet for any new information about addiction treatment, I stumbled up an article on CNN about “NanoBots” and how they can be the next frontier in biotechnology. The article is dated 1/30/2015. Why is that date significant? Because I wrote about nanobots and their biotech applications in my first novel, Butterfly Warrior (for a free copy, please email me and I’ll send you one), that was published in 2006!! I was NINE years ahead of this curve and was labeled, “science fiction” by several bookstores. I have NO DOUBT that the label ultimately doomed sales of my book. (For a great review of Butterfly Warrior, please check out this review on La Bloga).

I hate to complain, but I knew nanobots would find their place in the common dialogue because they are a great idea. Though I used “NanoWasps” as bad things; I meant to show the importance of managing technology before the technology manages us. It’s a real threat: Tech that become “self-aware” can become a nightmare to deal with. Really, the tech that we currently use (Facebook, Snapchat, etc.,) is already finding its own consciousness, evidenced by the huge market for its data. That is, Facebook knows way too much about us and that knowledge can easily be used by the unscrupulous against us.

So, as I continue my quest against compulsion, I will keep my eye on this developing story about nanobots. Really, if they wanted to know more, they could’ve just asked me (as can you) or buy and read my book. It’s an idea that was WAY TOO AHEAD of its time!


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