Is God really powerless against the fruit of a flower?


In my never-ending quest to learn about and understand Addiction (process and ingestive), I stumbled upon Aleister Crowley. Actually, I can’t help but think that I was meant to stumble onto the man who was once known as, “The Beast.” One of my favorite guitar solos of all time is the one Randy Rhodes contributed to Ozzy’s song, “Mr. Crowley” and, while I never really paid much attention to the actually song and its lyrics, once I learned what I have about Aleister Crowley, I’m not surprised that Ozzy would have a fascination with The Beast.

While I’m still learning about the man, I found out that he died of a heroin overdose and that he wrote a book about his addiction called, Diary of a Drug Fiend, which I immediately purchased and began reading a few weeks ago. Though I’ve read parts every day, I’m only halfway through it. Not only is the writing dense, but as can be expected from a man who was known as The Beast because of his fascination and devotion to the occult, it’s scary. There’s three (3) characters, Peter, Lou (Peter’s wife), and King Lamus. Peter and Lou are hooked on cocaine and heroin and King Lamus is a high priest, of sorts who basically knows the secrets ways of Evil and is teaching Peter and Lou. But, so far, out of all the pages I’ve read, this line from King Lamus has stuck with me and echoes within my brain:

 “The Master of tide and thunder against the juice of a flower? In the roar and rattle of all the armies of sin, this is the only battle He never was known to win.”

Over the years, I’ve heard and taught that Heroin is the Devil’s Drug, but this line is nothing short of frightening to me because it provides evidence of the spiritual element within a heroin addiction. According to King Lamus, God Himself cannot beat heroin on His own. St. Michael defeated Lucifer, but heroin is stronger than even God’s Army (according to King Lamus).

Please don’t misunderstand me: I DO NOT AGREE with the statement. I do, however, think that heroin is a strong addiction that requires an attachment to God. Without that attachment, then heroin addiction will progress into full depravity until it recedes into death’s shadows.

I’ll keep reading this scary yet informative book. I’ve learned quite a bit of the evil side of heroin addiction, but I do warn that it isn’t for the frail of spirit…and as for Ozzy, it’s just not surprising that someone known as the “Prince of Darkness” would write a song honoring, “The Beast.”



  1. A relationship with “god” isn’t a necessary component of getting clean, though it does seem to help many people. I’ve come to learn that you need a strong ulterior motive to stay clean besides just not wanting to be a junkie. And, I think for a lot of humans that just doesn’t exist without god. It’s a very personal struggle and, as such, is composed differently for each human. It’s why I don’t subscribe to the notion of addiction as “disease” for there is no singular treatment plan that helps everyone struggling with this problem to cope. You don’t “catch” this disease, it is brought on by repeated exposure to a drug of choice. That being said, I liked the article and would love to hear more about Mr. Crowley and his white horse! ha ha. Also, I think you would dig our stuff here at RoughTradeBlog if your into the rougher side of life such as the occult and addiction and dreams.


  2. I just got this book in one offer, and I’m going to read it upon your suggestion. I have heard about Crowley from Ozzy, but was never obsessed about him. Also, there is another song that indirectly points towards him – Marilyn Manson’s Misery Machine.

    I have to admit that I’m scared by the substance use, especially when it’s reaching its peaks right now, altogether with the economic crisis. It is the plague that hits the poorest segments of our societies. Here, it is more about ever present cocaine than any other drug, but the damage that it does is huge.

    God seems as one of the few choices addicted people have to help them overcome their despair.


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