Bread Loaf here I come?


Well, I went and applied to the Bread Load Writer’s conference. I’ve wanted to apply for years, just never got the guts to actually apply. I’m not quite sure I’d attend, if I’m accepted, but just the fact that I set my sights on applying and going through with it is quite a rush for me.

Writing is big part of who I am and I do it for no other reason than I have to. I’ve had good times, bad times, ok times, but the common thread is that I have written. My whole world has fallen apart and still I wrote. I have faced death, and still I wrote. I’ve experienced great joy, and guess what? You got it: I wrote.

Regardless of any domain, writing provides me the mechanism to express what I need to express in such a way as that others can understand. I’m neither famous nor do I consider myself an expert writer, but I can say with all confidence that I trust myself to write and I trust my writing life to provide the clues and guideposts that affirm my life’s mission.

So, though I have no clue what will come of my application, I got it done. If I don’t get accepted, I’ll probably be sad and doubt my capabilities for a bit, but I also know that through the doubt, I will write.



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