Palcohol — just what we need


Ok, so, when I first heard of “palcohol,” I didn’t believe it. I thought to myself, “Who in the world would be dumb enough to create a version of alcohol that can be transported and used in any type of food and/or beverage?” But, alas, palcohol, or powdered alcohol, is a real thing that is now legal for sale and consumption. You can read about it for yourself here:

Now, the company is claiming all sorts of benefits of this new version of alcohol and attempting to refute any claims against it. I’m all about a free society and adults should be able to do something if it’s legal and doesn’t cause harm. How. Eh. Ver….

Adolescents should not be able to consume alcohol. That’s not to say that they don’t nor is it to say that they haven’t been consuming anything illicit for centuries. Hell, adolescence is a time of rebellion and experimentation. But alcohol is a dangerous ass substance that can wreck a young life. Why should any company want to make it easier for adolescents to get their hands on something that can destroy their future?

Think about it: One of the advantages that the company claims is that palcohol can be used on ice cream for an “adult” version. Well, that’s a great idea: If a teen gets a hold of this palcohol crap, they’ll make a beeline for 31 flavors and create their own little dessert. Plus, since palcohol is self-mixed, I can see alcohol poisoning become a real concern: To the mind of a teen, if a little bit of something is good, they a whole bunch of it is WAY better.

Palcohol creators and marketers: Think before you release this junk into out communities. Our kids are already at risk, why the hell do want to increase the chances of young people getting hooked on something new?


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  1. Good lord. As you know, Juan, I’m writing from an Australian perspective. I see alcohol as being sort of where tobacco was about 60 years ago – people are becoming more aware of the risks and dangers associated with this very commonly used drug, but continue to use (and abuse) it. [I also see gambling in Australia in a similar position, as the major gambling websites have greatly increased their advertising presence online and on TV in the past five years, and inserted themselves into sports commentary.] I don’t drink alcohol any more, because I live with a mood disorder, but I don’t mind other people drinking – so long as they behave themselves, that is! 🙂 So I don’t consider myself a prude or a wowser or whatever; however, I do agree with you that the dangers of alcohol – especially for the young – are grossly underestimated in our culture.
    Sorry for the rant 🙂 This post really struck a chord! I hope this stuff doesn’t get approved for distribution in Australia.


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