2 new drugs to watch out for….

I’ve been reading about two (2) “new” drugs that have hit Florida hard: Budder and Flakka. Though I’m not exactly sure how big a threat these drugs are, I think calling them “new” is nothing more than marketing from jerkoff drug dealers.

Budder is an intense form of the essential chemical in marijuana—Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that’s distilled into a gooey wax substance by first soaking the marijuana stems and leaves in butane. Once the wax is ready, it is then cooked off of a piece of hot metal and the resultant smoke is inhaled. While the high is described as more intense than a marijuana high, it’s far more destructive to the heart and lungs due to its concentrated levels. Also, the psychosis and paranoia associated with pot is also heightened.


Flakka is just another version of the worst chemical ever invented: Crystal Meth. The core chemical compound is the same in both. What makes Flakka such a nightmare is that it’s way cheaper than regular Meth and is made from legal ingredients. The process to make Flakka creates a product that is cheap and easy to move around. It’s often sold on the internet and imported into the US, since it’s not exactly illegal yet.


To me, though, neither of these “new” drugs is all that new. Drug dealers are evil marketing geniuses and if they can repackage something as new, they’ll make more money than if they just sold the same old crap. People like novelty, and the fact that they can use something new can be part of the thrill.  The problem is that BOTH can be used in wretched E-CIGS!

So, when I encounter budder and flakka, at least I know what I’m dealing with. Well, when it comes to drug marketing, all I’ve ever really dealt with is just stupidity. That includes Big Pharma.

I’ll keep an ear to the ground for these drugs – I appreciate any usage rate info that exists…

pics courtesy of http://www.icmag.com and serenityrecovery.org


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  1. It sounds like Budder is just wax, and wax is just highly refined hash oil. Flakka just sounds like low-grade ice. I remember a generation ago now there was a “designer drug” that turned out to be merely a mix of heroin and ecstasy. I guess the dealers are always trying to say they have something new.

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