3 Things You Can Do to Help Someone with an Addiction

I wrote this a while back and I keep finding it more and more relevant….


If you love someone who’s struggling with an addiction, then you’ve probably asked yourself, “What can I do to help?” While there’s no way to act on someone else’s behalf or to force anyone to change, I do advise three (3) things that you can do to help your loved one.

1.  Educate yourself about:

The way Addiction works. Addiction runs along a measurable and predictable path. Really. Even if other people say otherwise, the cold hard truth is that addiction develops. Really, once someone uses a substance for a specific purpose, that use is pretty indicative that full-blown Addiction is only a matter of time. Also, there are different types of Addiction (ingestive, process; psychological and physical); therefore, the more you can learn about the way substance use progress to abuse and towards Addiction, then the more likely you can look at your loved one as someone who is…

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