FREE CEUs! Happy two year annivesary to!

As of yesterday, it has been two (2) years that I’ve been blogging. When I started this blog, I wanted to create a place where treatment providers could read my posts, provide thoughtful reflection, and then earn free continuing education units (CEUs). This intention was part of an overall strategy to both develop my education/consulting company and affect some change, or at least dialogue, within the substance abuse treatment field.

During the course of the last two (2) years, I’ve written well over six hundred (600) posts, mostly about substance abuse and addiction. I have shared poetry and various guitar noodling; I consider creativity to be the antidote to the compulsiveness contained in addiction and therefore, relevant to the blog’s purpose. Also, I have shared various posts relating to leadership psychology, as I also truly believe that empowerment is the key to living a free and healthy life, both also relevant to treating addiction. While I’ve written and continued to maintain my blog, I have also found discouragement and almost quit more than a few times. Although I write, there have been times when I can’t help but wonder why.

But, I write through the doubt and do the best I can to change the consciousness that echoes beliefs that addicts are “bad” and that those who don’t suffer with an addiction are somehow, “good.” I’ve continued to find topics that interest me and that I think are beneficial for starting a discussion. What I can’t understand, even though I continue writing, is why treatment providers don’t engage and earn free CEUs.

I’ve only issued six (6) CEUs pertaining to the material contained on Six. That’s all. Maybe I should advertise more; maybe I should start a newsletter and remind people of the opportunity to earn continuing education. Maybe I should buy a soapbox and yell about how great an opportunity this blog provides treatment providers of all types.

Then again, this blog has provided me an outlet to vent various frustrations and writing as often as I do has allowed me to hone my platform and beliefs. While the blog hasn’t “blown up” publicly, I have found a creative avenue to express stuff that I can’t keep inside. Plus, I know that people do read the posts I write because it’s not life I have zero views per day. So, as long as one (1) person reads my blog, I’m cool. Maybe my expectations are low, but I’ve learned that writing for me is its own reward and that it’s the one thing I absolutely have to do; I have no doubt that the days that I don’t write suck a lot more than the days I do.

So, I’ll keep on blogging and sharing posts pertaining to substance abuse. It’s fun and, quite frankly, I like doing it. To those who read my posts: Thank you! I do appreciate the time you spend in jbLandia and I will continue providing what I hope is interesting information for you to digest…Here’s to another day on the blogosphere….que viva!!


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