Understanding Addiction can lead to healing…

So, I’m working on releasing a new book. It’s not entirely new, but a revising of my 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction for print (it’s currently only available in eBook format). The major revisions are: 1) Inclusion of the Psychology of Recovery and Stages of Recovery; and, 2) Exercises for the reader for each Tip.

The reason I’m releasing a print version is because I believe that there this book can help people understand the mechanics of both addiction and recovery. Why is this understanding so important? Well, to me, the best thing someone can do to “help” an addict is learn as much as he or she can about addiction and recovery AND make sure he or she is living to their own best potential. I believe that someone who reads the tips and completes as many of the exercises as possible WILL both learn about addiction and recovery and, most importantly, face their fears about addiction thereby learning quite a bit about him or herself.

I’m not certain at this point when I’ll have the print version available, but even if you want to start learning, the introduction to the eBook does have provide instructions for using the book. I highly recommend it….



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