I offer both free and customized substance use disorder continuing education

According to The Recovery Research Institute of Harvard University, “Several surveys have suggested that the majority of clinicians aren’t formally educated or trained in substance use disorder (SUD) treatment.” Because I believe it my mission in life to educate as many clinicians as I can about SUDs and their respective treatment, I want to remind people that I offer both periodic and custom developed continuing education workshops and seminars that pertain to SUDs treatment.

If you or your agency is interested, I could prepare a custom curriculum that would be best suited for your respective client population. I do offer pre-developed courses on the Three C’s of Addiction, Treatment for Opiate Addiction, and The Culture of Addiction. My costs are on a sliding scale basis; once we’ve determined the curriculum that best suits your needs, we can discuss the cost, based upon attendees and other factors.

Also, through my blog at jblea1016.com, I do offer FREE CEs for the majority of my writings on the blog. Simply read an article pertaining to substance abuse (which most of the writings are) and then answer the following questions in an email to me (jblea1016@hotmail.com):

  • About what article are you writing?
  • How did the material impact you?
  • Will this material help you in your practice?
  • In what way(s) does the material relate with what you understand about addiction?
  • Why or why not was the material meaningful to you?
  • What other topics would you like presented on jblea1016.com?

Really, if we’re going to better fight SUDs and Addiction, we need to become as educated as we possibly can. As a continuing education provider, I believe I can significantly increase clinicians/social workers’ knowledge about the mechanics of SUDs their respective treatment protocols. If you are interested, please email me at: jblea1016@hotmail.com.


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