A message of hope contained in a 260z


When I saw the old 260z, I instantly thought of buying and engine and transmission from a specialty car shop and rebuilding it to its former glory. The body was in good shape, it seemed, and although the tires were worn out and weather-cracked, the rims seemed salvageable. “This could be a great car,” I thought to myself. “With an investment, that car can be great again.”

What struck me, though, was that in that thought, I felt hopeful; with all the chaos and violence in the world and with all the sickness surrounding me, hopeful can be hard to feel sometimes. But seeing that car for what it could be rather than what it is reminded me that life is like that: An ever-recycling opportunity to improve and make things better, regardless of circumstances. I can become stuck in negative energy, but then I stumble upon a beat-up old car and realize that it’s me keeping myself from being hopeful. The same way I can see potential in the 260z is the same way I should try and see my own life, every day.

Communicating with God doesn’t always happen in a religious setting. I mean, sure, I expect that if God wants to talk with me, I’d hear a deep and rumbling voice say something like, “Be hopeful, I have a plan for you.” But for me, it seems that God will send me messages from which I’m supposed to derive the necessary meaning. I saw the car, and instinctively I saw an awesome rebuilding project. I didn’t force the thought nor did I try to learn a lesson; they both just happened from a place that didn’t come from anything of my own volition. Yet, I was reminded of something that I needed to know, again, and there it was. No deep voice, no clouds parting in the sky, just instincts flowing and receiving messages from an eternal energy flow.

My own health depends upon remaining hopeful within circumstances that could lead to despair. I snapped the picture of the yellow 260z because I want to save a reminder that there’s always a chance to see improvement, even if doesn’t appear that way. Whether or not I ever rebuild a car, I know that there’s a chance that it could be done. There are opportunities in life. But if all we let ourselves see are the limitations, then we will be limited.


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