My article for Recovery Experts could improve Adolescent Tx outcomes

I wrote an article for about adolescent substance use disorder treatment.  Specifically, I define religion and spirituality from a treatment perspective and make a case for using spirituality within a treatment setting. The article is here: provides the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date information about drug and alcohol treatment centers for people who are struggling with addiction with a simple yet powerful and easy-to-use website. It also provides quality information about addiction and recovery from well-qualified experts. I am proud to be featured within such a valuable and important resource.

Please do read my article and visit (and share this post) as it will take a community to change the suffering associated with Addiction.  I’d like to thank RecoveryExperts and Jeff Robinson for including me within their vast trove of excellent resources!!






    1. The metaphysical (or spiritual) realm is as real as the physical. I think the reason it gets Poo-Poo’d is that religious fanatics have made it ugly to believe in powers above the human. But, they are real. Thanks for sharing your link!!


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