Writing allows me to process despair

Finding beauty in life doesn’t take much work; it just takes clarity of thought and awareness that, really, it’s all around us. Addiction robs people of their capability to experience the beauty that life provides all on its own and so I think that it’s part of my responsibility as an Addiction Counselor/Educator to remind everyone that part of a healthy life is appreciating the beauty in life.

What’s more is that I am exposed to sadness on a daily basis. I have spoken to many mothers whose sons have overdosed on heroin; as recently as last week I had one of the saddest conversations with a mother that I’ve ever had. This sadness can get to me, so I find other things to write about that actually help me process the despair that I take in. I can’t say that everything that I write is beautiful, but if I choose to write about something, then just the act of writing places me in better mindset.

For example, I’ve recently taken to writing restaurant reviews. It’s fun and makes me really focus on the meal, which is kind of zen-like in and of itself. I have no training at writing reviews; I can’t say that they’re any good. But, I enjoy writing about food and I have found it to be a means of self-care.

Which is kind of the entire point of writing, to me: To be able to process the world in which we live in such a way as to better understand it. There’s good all around us and there’s fun things to do, but really, the “goodness” and “fun-ness” of anything exists primarily in our own minds. Two people can experience the same circumstance and one will enjoy it and the other will find something to complain about it. I’ve been both of those people at various times and no one but myself made me experience anything any way. I chose to see it as either fun or not.

So, I’ll continue writing my blog and sometimes posting cools pics I take and even sharing restaurant reviews. They’re all a way for me to find light in what can be a dark world and I hope that if people read anything that I write they find it interesting and, dare I hope, useful. Either way, writing is my way to share what I know is a beautiful world.


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