This book can CHANGE THE WORLD!


After months and months of work, “49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction” is now published!! There’s almost nothing as good as the feeling of opening a new book that’s hot off the presses. But what’s more is that as I’ve been reviewing the manuscript and the galleys, and now that I’m actually holding the book in my hand; I can say with certainty that this book has the power to actually change the world.

The exercises in this book are meant to help the reader dig deep and find his or her own truth when it comes to addiction and recovery. This book really will help ANYONE who wants to learn and understand the way Addiction and Recovery work. While there is no magic bullet that can cure Addiction, the simple truth is that if everyone affected by Addiction understood that there are discernible traits within both Addiction and Recovery, then in seeing those traits, they could disrupt the negative ones and reinforce the positive traits that inform recovery.


If the reader is a counselor/therapist/social in New Mexico, if he or she reads the book and send me his or her answers for the “final quiz,” I will issue twelve (12) self-study substance abuse CEUs FOR FREE! That means that the entire cost for the book and CEUs would be $14.95. That’s about as big of an educational bargain as can be found!

Of course, I will be offering workshops based on the book, so please keep your eyes open. But I can safely say that this book will bring change, if people read it and allow themselves to do the work associated with the book. We need to learn and KNOW our own truths. This book offers a great opportunity to do just that!

So, to order, visit your local bookstore,, or email me at You will be glad you did!



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