Letter to my alcoholic ex boyfriend….

Seriously, this letter can help ANYONE who has become codependent on someone else’s addiction. Please read and share!!


April 14, 2016


I have tried a several times to write to you these last few months. For months I have with pen in hand been frozen to start the first words on the blank pages in this notebook.

I didn’t know where to start until today. Until I read a blog from someone else and it clicked.

I’m sorry for all the times that I tried to rescue you. To save you from yourself. It was not my place.

My actions were from a good place and with good intentions. From a place of what I thought was love. How I thought I was supposed to help. You knew I was codependent long before I did.

Our actions and reactions fed off each other. You would fall and I would dive in the way to soften your landing. Hurting myself in the process and preventing you from…

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