The Emotional Cycles within Addiction are self-sustaining and feed compulsion

I really believe this post needs more discussion…


I see things as processes that follow certain patterns and dynamics. When it comes to Addiction, there are two (2) observable emotional cycles that occur between a substance (or process) user and a non-user that maintain the compulsion towards a substance. The first emotional cycle involves the non-user, while the second involves the user. Both exist independently of the other, but when joined, become a powerful force that often maintains, and can increase, the compulsive drive towards a substance (or process).

The fear/anger cycle within the non-user, on its own, creates a whirlwind of bad juju that can grow into a well of resentment and near-hatred. It begins with being scared of the substance of abuse coupled with the user. For example, there’s a lot that’s scary about opiates. Here in Northern New Mexico, we lead the nation in opiate-related overdose deaths. Many people are afraid of heroin, for example…

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