There IS a link between heroin addiction and demonic possession

It was a typically cold late-December afternoon, which meant the heaters inside the facility were on full blast. So much so that I shed my top layer and walked into the session wearing a simple T-shirt. I didn’t know the client with whom I was meeting; since I did crisis counseling, I often was called in randomly to meet with clients who were in distress and thinking of leaving rehab. Most of the time, I was successful in mitigating the crisis and convincing people that their stay in rehab was a blessing that they should appreciate. But from the first time I saw him, I knew that there was no way I’d be convincing him of anything. In fact, what happened convinced me that heroin addiction can DEFINITELY be a portal for demonic possession.

You read that correctly: Heroin addicts are ripe for demonic takeover. While there are many people…

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