Introduction to Addiction and Recovery

In case you missed it….

Introduction to Addiction and Recovery

(Based on 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction)

 Course Description

Both Addiction AND Recovery follow a predictable path that can be measured.  However, without a fundamental understanding of the progression of an addiction, that is, how substance use becomes addiction, it is difficult to see the path.  What’s more, if the Addiction path isn’t understood, then the path towards Recovery can almost appear random and unfathomable.

This course allows a fundamental understanding of both Addiction and Recovery to emerge within a participant’s OWN frame of reference.  Core learning objectives for the course are for participants to:

  • Understand the “Substance Abuse Spectrum”
  • Understand the core components of what an addiction consists
  • Learn the mechanics of recovery
  • Understand the role judgement and shame play within an addiction
  • Understand their own perspective about Addiction and Recovery

After reading the book at their own pace, participants will gauge…

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