Heroin may very well be the Devil’s Drug

A lot of interest in this topic. Thought I’d share…


I used to think that substances of abuse were neither good nor evil. Really. I used to think that substances like alcohol or heroin were largely neutral, in and of themselves. However, I’ve experienced far too many situations that have now changed my perspective on substances.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think that any inanimate object has a soul that could possibly indicate it’s “goodness” or “evilness.” It’s not like I think a gram of heroin is anything other than a gram of heroin. However, it’s also not like a person can walk into a church of any denomination (except perhaps Satanism, but more on that later) and ask for a gram of heroin to go with the service. Really, the only way to get heroin is to know someone who knows some pretty gnarly people who can get a gram of heroin. Those people who manufacture and…

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