A book that can change lives (Please check out video)

(The above video was shot during my reading at Page 1 on August 4th, 2016)

When it comes to my writing, I feel a calling to write things that can do something good in the world. I’ve written several books but none that I believe in as much as 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction.  I believe that if given chance, 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction can do some great things in this world.  As I say in the video (above), I wrote it because:

  1. It doesn’t matter what I or anyone else teaches, what matters is what people learn.
  2. People don’t get better because they stop doing drugs/alcohol, they stop doing drugs/alcohol because they get better.

To me, life is about recognizing, developing, and maintaining healthy internal and external resources.  Everything that I do is driven by my own philosophy that if I can become the best version of myself, then regardless of the curveballs life throws at me, I can manage them and remain intact.

The nature of substance eradicates all semblance of healthy relationships.  49 Tips and Insights will allow people (if they actually do the exercises) too look inside themselves and find their own truth as it pertains to addicts/recovery.  I do hope it gets a chance to serve people; service is the purpose of all that i write…(If you’re interested in purchasing, please check out the sidebar of jblea1016.com)



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