An open letter to an addict’s enabler

Dear Enabler,

Look, I know your intentions are good.  I KNOW that you think all of your “helping” is leading someone back to you from the abyss in which they swim. I get that your rescuing comes from the absolute deepest place of love that humanity offers.  But, I also know that it’s fear and shame that are blinding you and its quite wrong of you to expect EVERYONE to share your perspective of reality.

See, we all handle fear and shame differently.  You’ve chosen to “help” someone keep an addiction alive, even if you honestly believe you’re doing the opposite.  But others probably do not share your wish to keep an addiction alive; they have distance and separation and they probably don’t really want to suffer anymore.  Believe it or not, they are just as afraid of Addiction as you are, but they know that behaviors such as handing…

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  1. Perfect to read out to my kids mum, which I have just done. Her man is drinking to the end and as long a she goes shop for these 3ltr bottles of cider, he will continue. She wont see him on the street but he would be in hospital, going blind, cant walk, needs help to bathroom, even I feel for him. Thanx 4 posting, real help, it sunk in, she is sleeping


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