Creativity is as basic a human need as food and sex…

Over the last several years, I have been developing an idea about human nature. At first, I thought that people had two (2) basic drives: 1) the drive to eat; and, 2) the drive to reproduce. I believed that any flaw or disruption within these two (2) drives would cause significant adverse outcomes within a person.

However, while I still believe in the two (2) basic drives, I now also see that it’s not enough for humanity to simply survive and pass on genetic information to the next generation. Really, there are two (2) additional ideas that are also basic to human nature. I call these two (2) ideas the Creativity Principle:

  1. All people have a basic need to create
    1. Isn’t necessarily an artistic creativity
    2. Basic expression of identity
  2. Self-judgment is the single most toxic enemy of creativity
    1. Causes fear of self-expression
    2. Leads to an internal belief that one is…

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