Good and strong beats darkness every time

When I hit high speeds, it’s like all of my sense blend together into one point of single-focus. Me and the bike become one machine, aligned for the sole purpose of control among potential chaos. There’s nothing to protect me, if I lose control, I could get hurt. Regardless of the risk, the reward of experiencing single-minded focus, if only for a few minutes, satisfies any need for escape that might have. In a few days, I will ride in a duathlon, which is a two event race featuring a run-bike-run format. Specifically, I will participate in the Atomic Man Duathlon in White Rock, NM. While there’s an Olympic-length format, I will race in the “sprint” race, which is a 4K run, followed by a 12K bike ride, which is then followed by another 4K run.

Whether or not I win, the fact that I am lucky and healthy enough to even compete is a blessing to me. I believe that I am among the most privileged people on the planet; I have love and health and with those two things, I can constantly seek and find all that is good and strong and beautiful in this world. Some people experience God in their church. For me, though, God exists in every experience that brings strength and hope and joy to this world. When I achieve a peak experience, I can actually feel myself vibrate with all the Earth’s natural frequencies.

Over the years, because of my choice to fight Addiction, I have seen the dark side of life too many times to count. Fear and suffering accompany Addiction and, while there’s hope even in the most dismal circumstances, it can be all too easy to let the darkness overwhelm any potential for light. As a matter of fact, even talking about Addiction can bring sadness and open up despairing wounds. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Sure, Addiction is hard. However, in pursuing the good and strong and beautiful, I have found that there are FAR MORE expressions of God’s light than there are representatives of darkness. The sad fact, though, is that darkness gets all the press. It sells, whereas, goodness can come off as boring. The news doesn’t really present stories of people being good to one another, but if something evil happens, it will get the lead coverage and be milked for viewers for as long as is possible. But I made a decision that, while I will continue to fight Addiction, I will do so through seeking and presenting all those elements of life that make Recovery far more valuable than any substance. So I will run and bike and write and love and share stories that I encounter from those experiences, as the good and strong and beautiful are far more powerful than any force of darkness.


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