The goal of recovery? To live an unfettered life

To people who are “tired” of being in recovery I say, “Stop letting recovery be tiring.” While I get that restoring a life after an addiction takes daily focus and commitment, I also think that too much focus on recovery can atrophy someone. Really.

Think about it: Addiction is a compulsive disorder based on relieving anxiety. Making recovery a source of anxiety will trigger the cycle within which an addiction flourishes. Seems pretty logical, but all too often, people focus too much on the things they’re “supposed” to do and think while “in recovery.” So, what do I recommend? Well, since there’s no one hard and fast way to be in recovery, it can be a hard question to answer.

For me, though, I look at recovery the way I look at any learning endeavor. When something is new to someone, it takes a lot of practice to allow the…

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