Conversion Therapy practitioners are nothing but moralizing idiots

Without any doubt, any person or organization that supports conversion therapy is nothing but truly stupid.  I don’t know how to say it any other way: Conversion Therapy is complete and utter load of B.S. and should be banned in New Mexico, as it is based upon hate and a morality that is so misguided that I’m beginning to think that it, too, should be banned.

For those who don’t know: Conversion therapy is a religious-based brand of “counseling” that seeks to make homosexuals heterosexuals.  It is based upon the idea that homosexuality is a clinical pathology that needs treatment.  Perhaps some people agree with that basis, but it they do, they contribute to and share the general stupidity that appears to be running rampant in the United States.  As a counselor, I can’t believe that this form of “therapy” even exists.  Yet it does. I can’t think of anything more unethical than a therapist who would say that there’s something wrong with a person who’s homosexual.  There’s no difference, to me, in saying that being Hispanic is a pathology or that speaking Mandarin requires inpatient treatment.

The thing is that there is a segment of the population who honestly believes that their religious beliefs give them the right to judge others as being “good” or “bad.” They tend to back their stupidity on the Bible, although people who really believe in the Bible’s Gospels would understand that ALL are worthy of love and that ALL require work in the eyes of God.  But stupidity doesn’t really allow rational thought: It feels good to have power and religious power is the biggest damn opiate to which people are addicted.

Unfortunately, I have heard story after story that gay people have shared with me about the pure hate they have experienced just for being who they are.  They invariably turned to opiates and/or alcohol attempting to numb the pain the feel as a result of their parents or family hating them for being gay.  The emotional and spiritual destruction is real, yet “churches” continue to label homosexuality as a sin.  Ok, I don’t attend back-asswards churches, but when “colleagues” of mine actually practice something that actually teaches self-hatred, I have to speak out: We need to stop this practice completely and make it illegal.  Any clinical counselor who thinks he or she has can formally judge others should have his or license stripped.  It’s that simple to me: Anyone who practices conversion therapy should NOT be allowed to carry a clinical license of ANY kind.

Who people love is none of my business.  Who people have sex with is even LESS of my business.  All I care about is that people become as healthy as they possibly can, but when forms of counseling exist that actually teach self-hate exist, then we have to eliminate those counseling practices.  If you practice conversion therapy, then you are nothing more than a moralizing idiot who should pull your head out of your ass.


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