An award-winning book you NEED to read!


My book, 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction, has just been awarded the 2016 NM-AZ Book Award for Self-Help book of the year!  While winning an award for my writing has been a dream since I was twelve, the fact that it won shows without a doubt that my book is a great weapon in the fight against Addiction.  Now that I have an award-winning book in my catalogue, I feel like I am validated in what I believe at my core: That if someone wants to do something badly enough, that person will succeed.  I am certain of this, as not only do I feel a measure of success as a writer, but my book can lead someone to a healthy life if it’s both read and USED.  That is, if someone wants to become healthy after being mired in Addiction, if that person reads my book and completes the exercises, there’s a good change that health will follow.

When it was published at the end of January of 2016, I knew I had created something of value.  As an Addiction Treatment provider, I hear myself repeating the same things over and over again.  When I wrote them out and then figured out meaningful exercises, I believed that those exercises could unlock a treasure of self-knowledge for a person who’s struggling.  Really, though I intend it to be used by people struggling with Addictions, in reading it again, I found that ANYONE can learn from this book.  The FACT that it won an award in the “Self-Help” category only further edifies my belief that the only real help someone can be given is that which that he gives himself. The exercises that follow each short chapter really do provide a path towards a person’s own truth.

There’s a tendency in people to want an easy shortcut to “feeling better,” which is a contributing factor to developing an Addiction in the first place.  But the hard and cold reality is that there is NO SHORTCUT to a healthy and meaningful life.  I know this because I’ve seen people being fooled into thinking that there’s a “magic bullet” that can flip a switch and allow a person to go from addict to healthy person.  But, really, to become healthy after being addicted takes time and focused effort.  Just as the ruination of addiction develops over time, so too does a healthy life takes time to develop.  The path towards everyone’s version of their healthy life exists INSIDE THEMSELVES. There is no other way than to look inside and find that path to health.

Therefore, I strongly advise people to buy and read 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction (you can buy it by clicking “Buy Now”).  It won an award for a reason” It IS the valuable tool I intended it to be.  Now that I’m an award-winning author, I feel compelled to fight stronger and write even better than I ever have.  I will follow my own advice and continue to mine my truth and follow the path that I have followed since I was a child.  While there is no magic bullet, the award-winning 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction should be read and used in an effort to find a healthy and meaningful life, even if you aren’t addicted.




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