The good is stronger than the suffering


There is a lot of suffering in the world and when I chose to become a Licensed Alcohol and Drug counselor, I made the choice to immerse myself knew-deep within that suffering.  Drug and Alcohol Addiction is synonymous with suffering; not only does the addict suffer, but his friends and family suffer as they watch him fade into his black singular pit of despair.  I’ve seen it far too many times to count: once an addict sinks into the pit, he almost never makes it out.  Because I’ve seen it too many times, it can be easy for me, at times, to also become overwhelmed with sadness that I can’t affect the suffering very much.  Sometimes I feel like no matter what I write or teach won’t impact the people who I want to impact the most.

But then I’ll be heading to an appointment and see a hawk sitting on a signpost.  It may not seem like much to people, but to me, that hawk is a symbol of spiritual freedom,.  On hawk’s wings my soul flies and with all that’s good and strong and beautiful.  When I watch a hawk, I am transported to the world or rewards where there is no suffering, only payoff in light.  I can feel myself reconnect with the light and love that we all share, even if we can’t see it because suffering has blinded us.

There’s a lot of good in the world; more than there is bad.  Yes, I’ve seen suffering, but I’ve also seen people feed the hungry and bless the sick and carry those who can’t carry themselves.  I’ve watched people fight cancer with dignity and courage; even if they know they are nearing the end, they fight for one more chance to see the people they love, one more time.  I’ve seen people love life so much that they reflect it in their work; the create in order to share their vision of goodness.  When I see a hawk, I’m reminded of all the love and light that blessed souls recreate in their smiles.

Yes, there is suffering, but there is so much good in the world that we need to find it, somehow, and share it with others.  Life reminds me, all the time, that it’s my destiny to write.  Life reminds me, all the time, of the good with which we are gifted.  On a hawk’s wings, I connect with all that’s good and strong and beautiful.  I encourage everyone to find a symbol in which they can find their connection.


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