What’s the single biggest barrier to Recovery from an Addiction?

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One of the more common ideas in recovery is that 75% of addicts will relapse within the first 90 days of their recovery. But, this idea has no weight within any single person’s path towards health. As a matter of fact, this professed failure rate is yet another aspect of what I believe is the single biggest reason why people do not achieve their goals (in recovery or otherwise): Judgment.

Most people associate judgment with “right and wrong” or “good or bad” and on a basic level, those association are correct. However, there are other ways that we judge and those other ways can sometimes seem innocuous and benign, when really, they set the stage for failure. What’s worse is when we judge ourselves, automatically, because of ideas that were never our own. These automatic judgments often lead to automatic reactions and behaviors that can be nothing less than toxic.

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