Flowers are great metaphors for a Recovery Consciousness


Flowers are stunning creatures.  They start out in this world as tiny and as nondescript as any other brown little dot.  Yet, with proper soil and nourishment, they grow and bloom with delicacy, strength, and beauty.  If. however, the soil in which the seed is planted is poisoned or choked, then the seed may yield a stunted plant, but it’ll never develop into the sun-basking, nectar-producing creature it was intended to become.

Recovery should be like the flower.  From a small seed of desire for health, a person can develop into the spiritually connected creature we’re all intended to become.  A very smart anonymous person said, “Strength is defined not by what you can resist, but by how much you can expand” and although I have no idea who said it, I agree with those words wholeheartedly; especially as it pertains to recovery from an Addiction.  See,  we are all intended to become something that allows expression of our spiritual nature; however, Addiction chokes and poisons a soul such that the person never really becomes.  When someone enters recovery, too, if he or she isn’t spiritually nourished, he or she will succumb to the temptation of relapse.

But recovery is not about resisting drugs or alcohol. It is, however, about expanding a soul that was choked into a singular point of focus.  As is the case with every living thing, expanding a soul through love without restricting that soul through fear, allows a person to connect with the entire spectrum of life.  Through those connections, people learn to use their inner senses and in learning to use their inner senses, people learn to what they are intended to become.

So, just like flowers need to expand from a drab little seed, people too need to expand into their true reality.  Flowers remind of that need to expand — I seek to like in pursuit of all that is good and strong and beautiful.  In doing so, I have no need to limit myself because what’s evil has no place in an expanded soul….





  1. This is good!
    Recovery removes all the things that keeps us from explanding, growing and connecting to others.
    It reconcile us back to God, others but mostly ourselves.
    Who we were intended to be in the first place.


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